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Following the yellow brick road…

First day of school and everything just adds onto the frustration and anxiety I’ve been feeling for the past week. But why frustrate over it? I mean seriously, I’m only thinking about the same thing over and over, which is about the possibility of being anywhere but here, in a year’s time while knowing that it is pretty much written in stone that I am staying here, in this pretentious yet ironically shallow and judgmental society. So what is the point of thinking it over? What is the point of trying in IB when unis here don’t even know shit about IB? What is the point of trying to do better at SAT if 1900 is probably one of the top scores they’ll get in the pool of applicants here? There is no point in trying anymore. Because 5 years from now, when I graduate from MUIC or whatever so-called ‘international’ program it is here, nobody is going to care if my SAT was 1900 or 2200. I got in, graduate with a Bachelor’s degree, done. Most companies here won’t even know what IB is, or even if I told them it was a 2-year program for high school juniors and seniors, they would still probably be clueless as to what these 2 fucking letters stand for. International Baccalaureate. And hence the question: then why are you doing IB? LOL…irony..I’m not doing IB. IB is doing me. aka. getting fucked by IB. And I’m only a candidate because my parents said so. They wanted me to take the hardest course possible in high school so that I can ‘make the most out of high school’. I think this is taking away more life than the knowledge it gives. This is totally selling my soul to Satan in exchange for useless knowledge. It’s not even about what you know, it’s more about how you show (or fake) it. So it’s just me following the laid-out yellow brick road now.. to wherever it takes me. To hell or to Wizard of Oz.



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