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So I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, and I don’t exactly know why. Most people ask if it’s because I have something on my mind that’s why I’m staying up late. I think it’s the contrary. I’m up late, that’s why I need something to think about.

A couple of things that seem to every now and then, occupy my attention.. not to say an obsession:

On Saturday, I went to Nestle Chocoshape consumer event, where a nutritionist told me and others present on that day, that women’s recommended daily calories intake is 1600 kcal. And if you want to lose weight, aim for 1200 kcal, but no less than that. Other than that, you should divide up the calories intake proportionally. 25% breakfast, 35% lunch, 30% dinner and only 10% snack.

So I was planning my meal for the day, at around 11 pm. So if I’m aiming for 1200 kcal today. 25% of that is only 300 kcal. I actually took out my graphing calculator just to work out all the math, trying to calculate the amount of calories if I put different things into a frkn sandwich. What can I say? I’m doing IB. So…I was preparing myself sandwich so I could eat in the car on the way to school tomorrow. 2 slices of wholewheat bread is already 130. 300 – 130 = 270. And there’s still ham and cheese, a little bit of caesar salad dressing I use in place of mayonnaise, plus some veggies. It’s impossible to eat only 1200 kcal. I give up.

I’ll just eat whatever I want, get all guilty and obsessive about it, but eventually get over it. I keep telling myself school’s starting in a few days. And then water polo season in a week or so. Meaning I shouldn’t worry about what I eat ’cause I’ll burn it all off at training anyway. But isn’t that just another reason to eat healthy now too? 2 months-ish of working in an office just killed my stamina.

And..I just lost my train of thought… So I suppose it’s a goodnight world. Not that I can fall asleep. I am but an empty insomniac.



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